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Kearny Mesa Chiropractor | Dr. Greg Wheeler

Constant neck, shoulder and upper back pain with daily headaches is no way to go through life!

Wheeler Family chiropractic

Dr. Greg Wheeler

I know this because I lived it. During gym class as a junior in high school I attempted to perform a back handspring. I neglected to lock my arms and landed head first on the mat. Instantly, the muscles in my neck and upper back seized up and my head felt like it was going to split open. Nausea and blurred vision were plaguing me and nothing I tried seemed to even touch the pain. After several weeks of constant agony I’d had my fill and that is when some friends convinced my family to take me to see their chiropractor. I was ready to give anything a try by that time. After my first adjustment I was feeling much better and several adjustments later I could actually move my head, neck and back normally and no longer had splitting headaches.

After high school, I enrolled at Pacific Union College in Angwin California above the Napa Valley where I completed my prerequisite course work in human biology. In 1980, I moved to Lombard, Illinois a suburb of Chicago where I embarked on my chiropractic training at National College of Chiropractic. Having had my fill of sub-zero degree weather and/or 90+ percent humidity, I yielded to a voice telling me to “go west young man” and moved to San Diego with degree in hand.

Experience and Continuing Education

During the past 23 plus years I have practiced chiropractic in San Diego and have also traveled the country in order to master a variety of procedures, methods and techniques because I am dedicated to the highest levels of professionalism, education and care of my patients.

Since that time I have come to realize that this profession is much bigger than just eliminating a few symptoms. It is about total wellness and optimal health. It is about restoring the body’s ability to regain levels of function that many patients’ believed to be gone forever. It is about Kim saying that she never thought that she could ever feel this good again. It is about Jacki rekindling her passion and desire to start sewing again after giving up 20 years ago. It is about young parents getting a good night’s sleep after their baby’s colic symptoms improved. It is about watching 9-year-old, Jack discovering life outside of a wheelchair after doctors told his parents “Get used to it, he will never be without it!”

On a Personal Note…

The Chiropractor To See In San Diego

Dr. Greg Wheeler with his family

In my spare time, I enjoy relaxing with my family. Susan and I have been married for 21 brief years and have two daughters, Megan (20) and Alexa (17) and one son Ian (14). Together we enjoy traveling, hiking, sports of all varieties particularly golf, snow skiing and even snowboarding.

People are routinely stunned to learn that I turned 50 (actually, so am I) in August of 2007. My appearance suggests a more youthful presence I suppose, but I attribute this good fortune to several lifestyle choices. First of all, I do for me exactly what I will recommend for you! In other words, I routinely get myself checked and adjusted. This has been a habit of mine since that incident in high-school and I firmly maintain that keeping my nerve system free from interference has allowed me to maintain higher levels of health and fitness not possible otherwise.

Another critical component of my and my family’s health are our nutritional habits. My wife is a fitness and nutrition aficionado and developed a subscription service with a local organic farmer. As a result, she is able to feed us the highest quality locally grown organic produce available. She knows more ways to disguise broccoli than anyone else on the planet, that is a blessing of epic proportions. All joking aside, quality nutritious food is essential to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Next, my activity level is higher than most other men my age. My occupation involves a great deal of movement while caring for my patients and in addition, I am a regular visitor to the YMCA around the corner from my office. Exercise is vital to good health, no secret there. Finally, though by no means least important, we are members of our local church as well as home fellowship. All of these factors make up who I am and who we are as a family. You see, true wellness is a matter of balance in your lifestyle and the constructive decisions that you make as you live your life.

I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge. Give our office a call or email me and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.